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02.07.12 - Facial reconstruction of 800 year old Peruvian “Priestess of Chornancap”

In December of 2012, we unveiled the completed forensic facial reconstruction of the Priestess of Chornancap, an elite woman who ruled the coastal region of northern Peru approximately 800 years ago. Researchers of the Hans Brüning National Archeological Museum in Lambayeque, Peru discovered her remains during excavations of the Chornancap pyramid complex in 2011. Her body was adorned with a copper mask and elaborate crown, a textile interwoven with copper plates, pectoral necklaces made of carved shells and thousands of colored beads, gold earspools, and a gold scepter. Artifacts from as far as Ecuador and the high Andes were buried with her, apparently as gifts from these regions, evidence that her influence extended throughout the region. Dr. Haagan Klaus of Utah Valley University, Dr. Carlos Wester, Director of the Brüning Museum, and professional personnel of the museum worked with me on the reconstruction. You can view the BBC news story here.


02.07.12 - Science Fantastic with Micho Kaku

Michio Kaku, co-creator of  string field theory and Henry Semat Chair and Professorship in theoretical physics at the City College of New York, had me as his guest on his nationally syndicated radio show Science Fantastic on Saturday, June 30 to discuss my new book Evolving. The podcast of the show is not up yet but hopefully will be soon. Go to http://www.trn1.com/michio-audio to watch for it.

21.06.12 - Reviews of “Evolving: The Human Effect and Why It Matters”








Several new reviews are out on my latest book, “Evolving.” Here are some links:





26.04.12 - ‘Evolving’ lecture teaches about Darwin using art

This is a news piece done by KSL of a sculpture demonstration.


23.04.12 - Sample News

Here is a link

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